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Gore, Quebec 

CRASHED was awarded 5th place of 900

submissions in the Hollywood

2016 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Competition

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Production Notes

Gore Quebec (2014)

Horror - 79 MIN - released by eONE Films & Continuum Pictures   

     Shot for $7,000 TOTAL over the course of 17 days solely on evenings and weekends, Gore was contributed to by a hyper-small cast and crew, short on cash but rich in talent and energy.

     5 crew members volunteered to be part of the project, as did all 10 actors. With exceptional locations, maximizing available local resources was key to the film's completion.


    Distributed on VOD, SONY, XBOX, Amazon, iTunes US, CinemaNow, COMCAST Networks and on DVD, Gore Quebec continues to find selective, genre audiences worldwide. 

  Green Lake Films

"  'CRASHED' is a hilarious, action-packed, and very entertaining science-fiction comedy with a terrific premise, as many thrills as a laughs, and a rich cast of characters. "   

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